Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Muniment Room

A new blogger sets himself an interesting brief - how would the mainstream Catholic Media in England & Wales look if it were to rediscover its vocation? What is "critical solidarity", what would it require, and what would it feel like? This blogger aims to challenge the English Catholic media (and, by implication, the English Hierarchy) to begin engaging honestly with the Traditionalist position, as a refreshing and radical alternative to another thirty years of soul-sapping party-line platitudes. He hopes to explore ideas of how such a thing might be set in motion, akin to coaxing hardened hydrophobics back into the stream.

Good luck with that!


John said...

Indeed, a daunting task to get the Catholic Media out of its platitudinous swamp.
A Godly task!

who, me? said...

Challenges to authority pornographers as hardened hydrophobics. Prophetic vocabulary! :-) all in ultimate charity, naturellement.

I'm in, at least as a reader!

Moretben said...

Drat, I missed the link:



Not me.

Who you?


mr bleaney said...

Good luck with your blog Tony. But where's the combox?

Anonymous said...

I hope the combox will be there with the next posting.

Moretben: thanks for the plug! Now I have to live up to it ...