Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rover's Return

Pseudo-Iamblichus, the Thinking Man's Maverick, is back on the block following a sojourn among the Saxon; but if you think he's going to cease lobbing bricks through all the right windows, you're in for a shock.

This decision will not affect how I write nor my criticisms of Catholicism, of the Pope, or of Catholic history in general. So do not hold me accountable for being inconsistent with the ethos that dominates the Roman Catholic Church or the traditionalist movement within it. I am going back to being a plain old Roman Catholic (with heavy unorthodox Lefebvrist sympathies), and not joining the Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club nor the Church of Pope Pius XII Re-Enactment Society.

Link bar amended, Arturo.


Pseudo-Iamblichus said...

I am going to start the League of the Good Traditionalists... you know, the ones who know they don't have all the answers but have lots of fun trying to find them. And we would like anyone who likes us, and try and understand those who don't. (We could still ridicule the latter's aesthetic tastes, though, that's fair game.) And finally we would spend lots of time in other churches, particularily Orthodox, because they do lots of cool stuff and wear lots of cool things.

I suppose it would be a league of one, but that has never stopped me before.

Thank you for the kind words. My rampage as one of "les enfants terribles" continues....


Anonymous said...

Go on!

Tell him it will be a "league of two"!

Moretben said...

Oh, he knows!