Saturday, September 29, 2007


Oh, very well - I'm doing nothing else presently, so here's another broken resolution. I wasn't even tagged, explicitly, which makes it all the more reprehensible. If you're not interested in Me Me Me, you may return immediately to your menial pursuits. Run along, now...

1. Do you attend the Traditional Latin Mass or the Novus Ordo?
The former, exclusively, for most of the past 20 years. The tadpoles are unaquainted with anything else.

2. If you attend the TLM, how far do you drive to get there?
50 mile round trip, at present. One should seek some kind of attainder on the Montini estate for the fuel and the carbon footprint. Driving, on the other hand, is something of a passion with me, though some have ventured to suggest it might not be one's forte. Fools.

3. If you had to apply a Catholic label to yourself, what would it be?
Apart from sophisticated, green and unfeasibly handsome? Missal-and-Breviary.

4. Are you a comment junkie?
I beg your pardon? A common what? How dare you...

5. Do you go back to read the comments on the blogs you’ve commented on?
Ah - I see. Usually. Sometimes I forget where I've been.

6. Have you ever left an anonymous comment on another blog?
Once. Not saying.

7. Which blogroll would you most like to be on?
Burke's Peerage (Amphibian Supplement).

8. Which blog is the first one you check?
Varies according to the state of one's digestion. Rorate Caeli, probably, until quite recently. Pass the Andrews, there's a good chap.

9. Have you met any other bloggers in person?
Fr Ray Blake and Pastor in Valle have had that privilege, as have the admirable Shawn Tribe (of New Liturgical Movement) and M. l'abbé Laguérie, at whose Mass I assisted when he was still SSPX, and afterwards when he wasn't. He won't remember me though. The place, on both occasions, was heaving with Frogs.

10. What are you reading?
Matins for the Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost
HV Morton's In Search of Scotland
Giuseppe di Lampedusa's The Leopard (for about the 20th time)

Bonus Question!
Has your site been banned by Spirit of Vatican II?
I haven't the faintest idea. We don't get many of that sort down here, in the dark underbelly of the world...


Moretben said...

Cabbie: Where to, guv?

Toad: Do you think I'd give my home address to the likes of you?

Mac McLernon said...

Loved it! I almost wish I'd been the one to tag you!!

Moretben said...

Almost? Almost??

It only remains for me to tag my old pal TTony

Rita said...

Are you in need of the Meme wraith? Find him from here:

John said...

A meme!?
I'm a simple soul.
I only speak English, with a Yorkshire accent, so they tell me.
I can get by in Portuguese.
I have some Latin.
I even have some Greek.
I have worked my way around Germany, probably because their English is better than my German.
I was once told, in a train, that my Spanish was very bad. But the charming thug who uttered this, clearly understood what I had said. Which is more than he would have done had I spoken in English.
Ah well!
So I'm not perfect after all!


Fr Ray Blake said...


nelly k said...

so thats what you look like!!!
and this is where you come from!!!

big smile from nelly k