Monday, June 25, 2007


As an ochlophobic Scot, two of the things I detest most in this world are weddings, and parting with money.

My five-year-old emerged into the school-yard on Friday, brandishing a piece of artwork. Festooned with love hearts, it indicated two stick-people with ear-splitting grins being bound in chains of matrimony.

"That's lovely, darling - did you do that?"

"No. Evan did it. That's me (the yellow-haired stick-person) and that's Evan."

Evan's BMW-driving mum just happened to be standing behind me. I engaged her winningly through her designer shades.

"More expense, huh?"

"Not my problem - you're the father of the bride. I'm very old fashioned about such things."

I'm very cynical about the kinds of things BMW drivers choose to get "very old-fashioned" about, but it doesn't do to be chippy.

If your daughters won't (in spite of everything) follow their patrons into Carmel, then start praying earnestly for their elopement; preferably in mum-in-law's BMW.


Ttony said...

How I wish I could have thought of "It's OK: my daughter's going to be a nun"!

Your copyright is assured, but I shall be copying like mad.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

I am married to a Scot and we have 3 daughters. Oh the horror! But we also have 3 sons who like to discuss shotguns and shovels :)

Moretben said...

Now that's a thought, WSNS: that's what's lacking around here... ;0))