Saturday, June 23, 2007

Symphony in white major

A VISITOR to the Undercroft has touched its Eeyoreish denizen on the raw, as a consequence of which I've promised to make a bit of an effort to post something uplifting, life-enhancing and beautiful beyond the normal run of sublunary experiences. Those who come here in the expectation of something other than that - for whom, perhaps, the prospect of one's lugubrious self cutting a caper is repellant and unsettling, like one of Arturo's lipsticked, cavorting skeletons, look away now:



Ttony said...

I'd love to see the second course - the link doesn't work.

Those aren't words like "fat free" on the crisp packet next to the pint, I hope!

Moretben said...

That was the second course too. LUNCH is the title, not a link!

Well it was a fast day...(though the nuts were full fat).